BASF Develops Green Sense Concrete Technology

Green Sense Concrete is part of BASF's cost-effective and environmentally preferable offering.

CLEVELAND, OHIO - The Admixture Systems business of BASF Construction Chemicals announced today that it has developed an advanced concrete optimization service that results in new levels of performance, profitability and sustainability. Successfully piloted over the last two years with more than 100 concrete producers, Green Sense Concrete technology utilizes BASF's mixture proportioning expertise to determine the optimal combination of recycled materials and tailor-made chemical admixtures needed to improve the desired slump, setting characteristics, strength, and durability of concrete.

"Green Sense Concrete technology is the result of extensive global research in material science through which our scientists have analyzed the properties of hundreds of regionally available cements, supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) and fillers," said Mark Bury, Green Sense Concrete Product Manager, BASF. "We now have a broad knowledge of the behavior of these materials and how they will interact with one another. Using that information, in combination with Glenium high-range water-reducing admixtures and our new, patent-pending, first-of-its-kind RheoTEC Z-60 workability-retaining admixture, we can optimize the proportions that are needed to produce high performing, economical concrete with the least environmental impact."

With Green Sense Concrete, concrete producers will realize improved slump retention, faster truck discharge and better fleet utilization. Likewise, contractors will benefit from reduced construction time, improved placeability, and reduced labor costs. Green Sense Concrete technology helps reduce shrinkage, lowers crack potential, and exhibits the improved strength and durability associated with quality concrete.

In addition, because Green Sense Concrete technology incorporates SCMs and fillers, it may contribute to earning LEED credits in the Innovation and Design and Materials and Resources categories.

"For 100 years, BASF's experts in chemistry and material science have worked to produce innovative chemical admixtures that make concrete better for producers, contractors, engineers and owners alike," Bury said. "Now, with Green Sense Concrete technology, we're going a step further for our customers, helping formulate mixes that provide environmental and economic efficiencies."

Green Sense Concrete is part of the BASF Construction Chemicals portfolio of environmentally preferable and sustainable technologies, many of which can be considered for LEED credits. For more information on Green Sense or to learn about BASF's sustainable admixture products, visit For editorial information or a high-resolution photo, contact Nora Glauberman at or by phone at 216.839.7800.

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