Broadview Technologies Acquires Concrete Waterproofing Company Hycrete, Inc.

Hycrete's waterproofing admixtures protect concrete from damaged caused by rain, freeze-thaw cycling, rebar rusting and salt.

Newark-based Broadview Technologies Inc. announced that it has acquired Carlstadt-based Hycrete, Inc. Hycrete is a manufacturer of patented waterproofing admixtures synthesized to extend the cosmetic and structural life of concrete by protecting it from damage caused by rain, freeze-thaw cycling, rebar rusting and salt.

Unlike standard concrete, which absorbs water and anything dissolved in it, Hycrete turns regular concrete into hydrophobic concrete, keeping water out, and inhibiting corrosion. "Typical concrete often looks worn and aged after only a few years. The waterproofing provided by Hycrete mitigates the effects of time, yielding better looking concrete that lasts more than twice as long." according to Philip Rhodes, Broadview's president.

Broadview believes that Hycrete's products will be a strong addition to its diverse product line. "Hycrete takes the biggest flaw of concrete, which is poor outdoor weather ability, and fixes it," says Jason Tuerack, vice president of Broadview.

Founded in 2003, Hycrete Technologies Inc. manufactures an array of solutions that can be utilized in a wide range of concrete applications with varying levels of waterproofing difficulty. Hycrete's core integral admixture technology seals internal capillaries responsible for water penetration into concrete. In addition to reducing water absorption and dissolved salts infiltration, Hycrete admixtures are designed to form a protective coating around steel reinforcement that enhances corrosion protection, even in cracked concrete.

Hycrete has been used in applications ranging from green roofs and below water table basements to sidewalks and Jersey barriers. Hycrete has been recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, and been listed in Buildings Magazine's - Top 100 Products.

Broadview Technologies is a U.S. based chemical supply company in Newark, New Jersey established in 1970. Broadview develops and manufactures the world's largest variety of anhydrides for curing epoxy resins, as well as a wide range of non-halogen fire retardants and specialty plasticizers. Broadview is eager to offer customized Hycrete solutions, with personalized lab support, for contractors, architects and engineers, as well as products for cost sensitive applications.

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