K760 2013 10950719

Built on the foundation of the K750, the K760 power cutter is equipped with an X-Torq engine that reduces emissions up to 75% and lowers fuel consumption.

  • Cylinder and additional cooling fin reduce emissions by 15% compared to previous model
  • X-Torq utilizes dual intakes, one for clean air and one for a fuel-air mixture
  • Active Air Filtration system contains a centrifugal nozzle that increases the level of filtration and a paper filter with a doubled surface
  • Optimal power-to-weight ratio and low vibrations reduce operator fatigue and enable
    longer cutting time
  • Digital ignition system for better startability and smoother running
  • Fast idle lock in choke
  • Lighter, adjustable magnesium blade guard with reversible blade bushing
  • Wet cutting kit for dust control
  • Tank ventilation system
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