Super Cast Surface Retarder

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Clemons Concrete Coatings introduced a new and improved Super Cast water-based surface retarder formula that acts as an indefinite surface deactivator, reducing scheduling conflicts for contractors by allowing the surface to be washed at any time after the initial set.

  • Four color-coded etch depths with new pigment formulas that provide a more vibrant color that is more easily visible during application to help ensure even coverage and proper application rate
  • Once concrete is poured and bleed water is gone, spray-apply the product on concrete
  • Wash the surface with a pressure washer the next day and aggregate will be exposed to the depth chosen
  • Forms a film over concrete, eliminating the need to be covered with plastic sheeting, even in the event of rain 
  • Meets the standards of ASTM C309 for curing concrete if not removed until the surface is 28 days old
  • Alternative to broom swept concrete
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