SF3502C Slipform Paver

Two-track, mid-range paver with frame rigidity for extension to 34-ft. paving widths

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Featuring 26-in. mainframe tubing, the SF3500C concrete slipform paver delivers optimal structural rigidity at extended paving widths.

  • Series 6 paving kit boasts a wedge and pin locking system and uniuqe vibration manifold mounting
  • Standard paving widths from 12 to 26 ft. and a maximum 34-ft. width
  • Dual-range propel system offers a variable hydrostatic paving speed range up to 35 fpm and a travel range up to 83fpm
  • 350-hp  Tier 3/Stage IIIA diesel engine

See the SF3502C spec sheet

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