Techcrete Concrete Mixer

Mobile concrete mixer produces concrete by weight for improved quality, lower cost and improved productivity

Maxontechcrete 10467841

Maxon Industries will introduce the Techcrete truck-mounted/mobile concrete mixer at World of Concrete 2012. The patent-pending 10-cu.-yd. Techcrete offers a continuous component weighing system with load cells and Maxon's exclusive onboard batch controls. The result is a truck-mounted mixer that produces concrete by weight, not volume, for improved quality assurance, reduced operating costs and improved productivity.

Features and benefits include:

  • Load cells independently weigh the sand/aggregate and cement
  • Printed load ticket displays actual weight of components, actual cement to water ratio and total yards produced
  • Onboard processor can be programmed with an infinite number of mix designs and stores details of the last 50 batches produced
  • Precise material delivery system with up to a 10% reduction in cement consumption
  • Unique proportional load-sensing hydraulic valve system
  • Infintely variable production rates from 1 to 60 yds. an hour
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