HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring System

Hiltihit Hy70 Application 10722005

The new Hilti HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring System works in all the masonry base materials: grout-filled block, hollow brick and CMU, and multi-wythe brick walls.

  • Improved formula and innovative composite sleeve design
  • Use to attach signs, fences or awnings to masonry walls or façades to fastening pipe, cable tray, or fixtures to masonry base material
  • Cures in 45 minutes at 70° F
  • When used in hollow masonry, the cap on the composite sleeve acts as a centering ring allowing better placement of the rod, as well has a providing a uniform dispersion of the adhesive
  • Cap is removable allowing composite sleeves to be snapped together to combine for custom lengths so various embedment depths can also be achieved
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