Vapor Barrier Line

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The complete line of under-slab vapor barriers exceed the ACI 302 specification and have been tested for permeability using ASTM E 1745 standards.

  • Retard moisture migration through concrete slabs and control radon, methane, sulphates and other soil contaminants
  • VB-250 is an 11 mil vapor barrier available in 12.75 ft. × 200 ft. rolls
  • VB-350 is a 16 mil vapor barrier available in 12.75 ft. × 150 ft. rolls
  • VBC-350 is a 31 mil composite vapor barrier with non-woven, polypropylene, geo-textile fabric lamination that provides a mechanical bond with concrete when placed with geo-textile facing concrete pour
  • Seaming can be accomplished through heat welding or taping
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