FDB6000 Front Discharge Mixer Truck

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The FDB6000 front discharge mixer truck meets Federal Bridge Formula standards while carrying a full load of concrete. Design changes to axle spacing and wheelbase have helped increase payload.

  • 206-in.-long wheelbase and 391-in. front axle to hydraulic tag axle span
  • 11-cu.-yd. mixer drum and 9-in. cone extension
  • Mixer drum features 3/16-in.-thick AR400 steel drum shell and .25-in.-thick AR230 steel fins and flights inside mixing area
  • Marmon-Herrington front axle features 42-degree wheel cut reducing fully loaded turning radius to 68 ft. - 23% tighter than previous designs
  • 8.5 in. of additional legroom inside cab
  • Aluminum front fenders are 28% thicker than previous models  while weighing less
  • Push-to-connect air fittings plus larger diameter tubes and hoses for improved airflow
  • Lift axles controlled by single lift axle control module (LACM) instead of the 4 valves per axle on previous models

Brochure: Terex Front Discharge Concrete Mixer Trucks


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