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The 2 quarter round PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is designed for removing medium/heavy coatings. The design and positioning of the PCD with an aggressive diamond segment acting as a stabilizer and depth guide scrapes the coatings aggressively and follows with a conventional grind all in one pass. These PCD's are directional specific and come in clockwise and counterclockwise orientation. If you run a rotary machine with counter rotating heads, be sure to get 1/2 clockwise and 1/2 counter clockwise PCDs.

  • Weight of the machine partially supported by large surface area of the diamond segment - which limits the PCD's penetration into the concrete
  • Diamond segment lightly dresses and helps remove the severe marks left by PCD grinding teeth
  • Configuration will yield a higher total square foot life span while providing aggressive rate of coating and concrete removal
  • Remove heavy coatings, overcoats, glues, mastics, thin set and paint
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