D-LUX Resins for Polished Concrete

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The D-Lux 7mm and 3mm polishing pads create a crystal clear, mirror shine. Made from a phenolic resin specifically intended for dry use, these pads were designed as a replacement for the “FLO” system.

  • Very high clarity
  • Produce superior surface scratches that can easily be processed with the different size diamond particles resulting in clarity of a finished slab
  • Consists of blending similar grits of diamond particles in a much more dense resin and a significant increase in the amount of these particles contained in the resin
  • The LUX is a great finish tool to relieve resin transfer
  • Available in 3- and 7-in. 3mm steps 3-Lux  and 3-in. 7mm steps 3-Lux
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