ARDEX CP Concrete Patch

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ARDEX CP is a trowel-grade, cementitious topping for filling and repairing areas of indoor and outdoor concrete above, on or below grade. Engineered with Portland cement and select high-performance polymers, ARDEX CP readily bonds to concrete surfaces.

  • Can be applied by trowel or screed
  • Fill spalls, gouges, dormant cracks, “birdbaths” and other low areas in existing concrete surfaces
  • Re-form concrete steps and curbs, create ramps over existing concrete or resurface vertical concrete substrates
  • Easy to apply and hardens quickly
  • Installs from 1/4 to 1/2 in. neat, and up to 2 in. with aggregate
  • Freeze-thaw resistant
  • Suitable for foot and rubber tire traffic
  • Suitable for commercial and residential applications
  • Use for interior and exterior floors and walls
  • Available in 40-lb. packaging


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