Next-generation Commander III

Frame redesigned to accommodate Tier 4 engines and their cooling systems; new pivoting operator’s platform optimizes visibility to paving functions

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The next-generation three-track Commander III features a redesigned frame and operator’s platform with a pivoting operator’s control console that allows hands-on control and optimal visibility.

  •    Frame rebuilt to accommodate Tier 4 engines and their cooling packages
  •    Optional on-board camera can be positioned anywhere around the machine and feeds live to the G+ control system display on the console
  •    Operator’s platform isolated to eliminate vibration
  •    Optimized cooling package with the hydraulic fan controlled by G+
  •    Power-optimized engine and load-sensed hydraulic circuits enhance fuel efficiency
  •    GBox on each leg accommodates improved steering and grade with G+ controls
  •    Accommodates telematics for remote engine and machine monitoring

Brochure: Next-Generation GOMACO Commander III Paver

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