Thermal-Chem BarPatch 803

Thermal-Chem's new corrosion resistant epoxy is formulated to repair nicks, dings and covering the sheared ends of coated rebar.

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Thermal-Chem BarPatch 803 is a two-component, epoxy system designed to repair damage to coated rebar. Specifically designed to repair epoxy coated rebar damage (“nicks and dings”) incurred during shipping, handling, and fabricating. It covers and adheres to the sheared (knife sharp) cut ends of epoxy coated steel rebar and provides touch-up repairs for epoxy coated mechanical splice couplers.

  • Complies with all of the requirements of ASTM A775 (standard specification for epoxy coated steel rebar)
  • Available in convenient, easy to use 1.5 quart, 1.5 gallon, and 3 gallon kits


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