New Batteries Gives MAX USA Tools More Ties & Cuts

Offering up thousands more ties and hundreds more cuts per charge, your MAX USA TWINTIERs, Rebar Tiers and PJRC160 rebar cutter products just got an upgrade.

New Batteries Give MAX USA Tools More Ties & Cuts
MAX USA Corporation

MAX USA Corp. has updated its battery for its TWINTIERs, rebar tiers, and rebar cutters with a new battery featuring an increased Ah - which provides more ties and cuts per charge.


  • Replacing the current 14.4V batteries, the new 5.0Ah JPL91450A batteries will allow RB441T and RB611T to tie up to 5,000 ties, RB401T-E to tie up to 4,500 ties, and RB398S to tie up to 4,000 ties in one charge.
  • Replacing the current 24.4V batteries, the new 5.0Ah JPL92550A batteries will allow PJRC160 to cut up to 310 times on #5 rebar.
  • Chargeable in current MAX JC925A chargers.

Batteries in our TWINTIERs, Rebar Tiers and our PJRC160 rebar cutter products will be switched to the new JPL91450A /JPL92550A batteries in a running change.