Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites (BFRP)

Basalt Composite Rebar is manufactured with innovative Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer composite technology. Basalt (volcanic) rock adds unmatched strength, with superior mechanical properties and enhanced performance compared to competitive reinforcements. Basalt Rebar is a sustainable, rust-proof alternative to traditional steel reinforcement. It is only 25% of the weight of steel and has a Specific Tensile Strength that is 2.5 times greater! Basalt Rebar is the ideal choice for concrete construction applications.

  • Advanced Basalt Fiber Reinforced Technology
  • Superior Durability, 100 + Year Life Use
  • 100% Non-Corrosive
  • Resists Corrosive Elements, UV and Chemicals
  • Significantly Stronger and Lighter Than Steel
  • Sustainable, Eco-Friendly
  • Reduces Waste, Handling, Installation and Transportation Costs
  • Enhances job site safety
  • Eliminates costly maintenance and repairs

Basalt Rebar Solution

BasaFlex is suitable for the harshest applications where steel rebar is not:

  • Hydraulic Structures & Precast
  • Freeze Thaw Environments
  • Thin Wall & Panel Systems
  • Harsh Chemical Environments
  • Architectural Precast
  • Bridge Decking
  • Sea Walls and Marine Applications
  • High Heat Applications
  • Shielding Concrete

Basalt Rebar Product Comparison

  • Basalt is impervious to attacks from alkali, chemicals or water, which causes Steel to corrode or rust.
  • Basalt has stable pricing, no buy-ups required to secure best pricing compared to steel which fluctuates.
  • Basalt has 2 times the working temperature (400°C vs. 200°C) of Glass FRPs.
  • Basalt has 20 - 40% better mechanical properties and puncture resistance than Fiberglass.
  • Basalt is very Eco-Friendly vs. other products.

Green Building Materials

Basalt Reinforced Rebar has less than 1/10th the carbon footprint of steel and basalt has the lowest environmental impact in a Life-Cycle Assessment compared with other FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rebars. Basalt fiber is all natural and produced from stone; without additives typically found in other materials such as glass fiber.


  • #2 - #8 Bar sizes, ¼” – 1.0” in diameter
  • Standard bar lengths10’, 20’ and 40’ (3M, 6M and 12M)
  • Longer length coils up through #4 (1/2”) diameter size bar
  • Custom cut sizes available upon request
  • Coming soon - #9 & #10 (1.128” & 1.270”)
  • Special stirrups, bends and shapes - (#2 - #8) bar sizes
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