Spotlight: Repair December 2007

Repair projects often demand careful choosing of materials and products for a successful outcome.

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Micro-Blaster System

  • Compact demolition system for the breaking of hard rock and concrete
  • Materials are cracked from within using proprietary gas producing cartridges to generate pressures up to 75,000 psi
  • A 5/16 in. by 10 in. hole is all that is needed to place cartridges
  • System triggered remotely by a pulse of 100 psi air or carbon dioxide and can be configured to initiate up to six simultaneous shots

Ezebreak, LLC

Planitop X Repair Mortar

  • One-component, shrinkage-compensated, fast-setting, polymer-modified cementitious repair mortar
  • Suited for vertical, horizontal and overhead applications
  • Can be applied in thicknesses of featheredge to 4 in.
  • Cures within three hours and can be sculpted during curing time in order to customize repairs



  • Anchors, bonds and rebuilds concrete permanently
  • 100% epoxy solids and contains no water or solvents to evaporate and cause shrinkage
  • Unaffected by salt water, oils and other chemicals that corrode concrete
  • Hardens in one to six hours depending on temperature and volume of material applied.

Abatron Inc.


  • Seals, strengthens and stabilizes cracks in foundations using carbon fibers
  • Repairs structural, hairline and seeping cracks in vertical, horizontal and corner applications
  • Provides structural integrity
  • Odorless
  • Can be painted over after 48-hour curing time

KM Sales

CM-Series Comet Breakers

  • Offersthe durability to cover a broad range of work
  • Upgraded designprovides smooth oil flaow
  • Dusthome chisels increase longevity and durability of the chisels
  • Sound reducing technology


FastSet Repair Mortar

  • Portland cement-based high-strength mortar specially formulated to make structural repairs to any surface
  • 30-minute working time
  • Provides low sag for vertical, curved and overhead repairs
  • Achieves a compressive strength of 2,000 psi in three hours and 6,000 psi in 28 days
  • Available in 20-lb. pails or 60-lb. bags



  • Environmentally-friendly, high-performance, rapid concrete repair product
  • Non-Portland, non-epoxy
  • Comes in turn-key, pre-extended, 58-lb. bags
  • Mixed and placed like traditional concrete
  • Specifically designed for horizontal to near-horizontal applications
  • 20 minutes of working time
  • Reaches compressive strengths of more than 2,500 psi within 2 hours

Ceratech, Inc.

Sakrete Concrete Crack Filler

  • Pourable crack filler
  • Packaged ready-to-use
  • Fills cracks up to 1/2 in. wide
  • Self-levels and cures within 24 hours of application
  • Protection against freeze/thaw cycles

Bonsal American

SM 320 ShaveMaster

  • The first multipurpose concrete floor corrections machine capable of up to 1,000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Uses 50 diamond blades for coatings removal, joint repair, slurry cap removal, spalled out areas and more
  • Self-propelled with both forward and reverse
  • When coupled with the VIC vacuum system is extremely green at only .003 microns of airborne dust
  • Powered by a 15-hp, 460-volt, three-phase motor
  • Weighs 716 lbs.

VIC International

WS Series Walk-Behind Concrete Saws

  • Includes nine models with 12- to 36-in. blades and cutting depths from 4.6 to 15 in.
  • Honda, Wisconsin or Deutz engines
  • Heavy-duty, seven-gauge steel frame with steel splashguards
  • Three manually propelled models
  • Four largest models include hydrostatic drive propulsion systems with a six-belt or nine-belt drive

Ingersoll Rand Company


  • High molecular weight methacrylate resin system for sealing and filling cracks in concrete structures
  • Available in T-70 and T-70 MX-30 formulations
  • Very low viscosity
  • Deep crack penetration
  • Fills and bonds cracks
  • Fast cure
  • Single application
  • Low odor, low volatility

Transpo Industries, Inc.


  • One-component, cementitious, rapidly hardening structural repair mortar
  • Designed for horizontal applications
  • Sets quickly, even in cold weather conditions, without the aid of chloride- or gypsum-based accelerators
  • Ideal for structural patching of concrete pavements, bridges, parking decks, and repair of sidewalks, expansion joint nosings and commercial applications
  • Can be used in cold weather conditions
  • Available in 50-lb. bags

W.R. Meadows Inc.

10 Minute Concrete Mender

  • Penetrates deeply into concrete, making repairs from the inside out
  • Two-part polyurethane has a surface tension 1/3 of water and may be needle injected into concrete cracks as small as one millimeter
  • Polyurethane drives itself into concrete surfaces and bonds concrete back together in 10 minutes at 70º F
  • Needle tip mixers available in three sizes from 0.8 to 1.6mm and can be used on polished floors, decorative concrete, and retail showrooms or anyplace where aggressive cutting and preparation is not desired

Roadware, Inc.


  • Concrete slab remover makes it easier for one person to safely lift and move up to a 500-lb. concrete slab
  • Dolly-like tool attaches to concrete slabs 4 to 12 in. thick by 18 to 48 in. in length
  • Uses a metal claw and curf blade to hook under slab and lift it
  • Universal claw-grabbing action allows operator to grasp carpeted, tiled and even rough surfaced concrete slabs out of a trench or off a flat floor
  • Able to negotiate sharp turns and confined spaces while carrying slab

GMJ Company LLC

Concrete Repair Products

  • 100% acrylic products
  • Concrete sealer resists blushing when exposed to rainfall or moisture
  • Concrete crack sealant designed for sealing cracks and joints
  • Concrete patch is a heavy bodied trowel grade patch to fill cracks up to 1 in. wide


Sakrete Top N' Bond Concrete Patcher

  • Made from sand and cement
  • Add water for resurfacing and patching work
  • Polymer-modified
  • Layers may be applied from featheredge up to 1/2-in.or brushed on

Bonsal American

SP8/G Series II

  • Surface planer suitable for a range of applications including milling misaligned sidewalks and joints, removing thermo and cold plastic markings and prepping floors for new coatings
  • Can be equipped with various 5-hp industrial-quality gasoline engines
  • Unitized, welded steel plate frame
  • Maximum cutting depth of 5/8 in. with a cutting width of 8 in. and a 31/4-in. cutting proximity to a vertical wall
  • Screw-type, positive-locking depth selector
  • Water-mist dust control fitting
  • 3-in. vacuum connection for further dust control

General Equipment

Multi-Gang Slab-Rider Drills

  • Pneumaticthree-gang Model 210-3 SRA, four-gang Model 210-4 SRA and five-gang Model 210-5 SRA
  • Compact frame design allows drills to operate in a 4-ft. patch while drilling to within 6 in. of a corner
  • Bits drill to a standard 18-in. depth orcan be adjusted to drill into the center of a 24-in. slab
  • Adjustable drill spacing from 12 to 36 in.
  • Tri-steering feature enables rotation within the drill's own radius
  • Auto-alignment features allow for quick repositioning after each hole set
  • Include a roller bearing feed system and individual regulator to set optimum drilling speed for each drill

E-Z Drill, Inc.

Ultraflow Underlayment

  • Line of four Ultraflow Brand Floor Underlayments offers high compressive strengths and versatility
  • Ultraflow G-1.0 designed for use in residential and light commercial applications, with a compressive strength of 3,500 to 4,200 psi at 10 to 14 days
  • Ultraflow 2.0 designed for fast application and setting and is ready to handle light construction traffic 24 hours after being poured
  • Ultraflow 3.0 designed for leveling or topping rough and spalled concrete and will accept floor coverings after 24 hours
  • Ultraflow 4.0 designed to act as a final floor surface or high-performance underlayment, allowing the return of light traffic within 24 hours

USG Corporation