Ligchine Debuts SCREEDSAVER MAX PLUS at World of Concrete

The most significant new development is the SwingBoom pivoting frame, which improves screed head maneuverability to reduce machine movements necessary to screed a given area


Ligchine, a producer of laser-guided concrete screeds, is debuting its all new SCREEDSAVER MAX PLUS screed, featuring patent pending SwingBoom pivoting frame, at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

The SCREEDSAVER MAX PLUS screed builds upon the SCREEDSAVER MAX machine, which was originally released in 2012 and has become one of the most popular mid-range screeds since that time.

Take a sneak peek of the MAX PLUS in action:

The SCREEDSAVER MAX PLUS adds new features such as a built-in diagnostic touchscreen, Topcon laser receivers, a totally revised wireless remote control system and a quiet Honda gasoline engine. 

“With the development of the MAX PLUS  screed, we wanted to build upon the key strengths of the original SCREEDSAVER MAX, while enhancing the machine with many of the key innovations we have pioneered over the years,” says Pete Ligman, co-founder and head of Ligchine’s product development efforts. “The most significant new development is the SwingBoom pivoting frame, which provides unmatched screed head maneuverability, resulting in reduced machine movements necessary to screed a given area. This will increase speed and efficiency while maintaining accuracy. We have also built in many other key features that should result in this machine being an absolute game changer in the mid-range screed market.”   

Ligchine is exhibiting at World of Concrete this week in Las Vegas and can be found in the all-new West Hall, #W2841. Staff will be on hand along with the SCREEDSAVER MAX PLUS screed, Ligchine’s newest innovation.


Width: 6 ft. 3 in./1.9 m

Length: 15 ft. 10 in./4.8 m

Height: 5 ft. 7 in./1.7 m

Weight: 4,800 lbs./2,177 kg.

Screed head length: 10 ft./3 m

Drive system (hydraulic): 2 wheel proportional drive

Screed coverage: 17 ft./5.18 m boom extension with a 10 ft./3 m high performance screed head

SwingBoom pivoting frame: Up to 5 ft. 3 in./1.6 m of side-to-side screed head movement with a pivoting boom member.

Engine: Honda iGX800, electronic fuel injection, air cooled, four stroke, 24.9 hp/18.5kW)

Leveling Systems:

• 2D laser leveling (standard) for grade, slope, dual slope - Topcon LS-B110

• 3D systems (optional) for contoured concrete paving - Topcon 3D mmGPS satellite control or LPS robotic.

Parallel to the pour driving capable: Yes - 90° manual pivoting undercarriage drive frame

Machine operation control: 100% wireless remote control, Scanreco

Transport with pickup truck and trailer: Yes