GRL Engineers Celebrates 40 Years

GRL Engineers, Inc. is proudly celebrating 40 years of serving the deep foundations industry.

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GRL Engineers, Inc. is proudly celebrating 40 years of serving the deep foundations industry. It was founded in March of 1976 to provide the innovative service of testing piles by the High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing method. The company, which started with just three engineers, now has 34 and counting.

Even though a considerable percentage of GRL projects still involves High Strain Dynamic Testing (HSDT) with the Pile Driving Analyzer system and CAPWAP software, over the course of these 40 years GRL added many other services to its offerings, notably Thermal Integrity Profiling and Cross-Hole Sonic Logging of drilled shafts, Pulse Echo Pile Integrity Testing, GRLWEAP Wave Equation Analysis of Piles, Static Load Tests and more.

GRL’s 10 regional offices serve the entire USA, and some international locations. They now perform High Strain Dynamic Testing both not only on site but also remotely, an option which saves travel time and money, and not only on driven piles, but also on drilled shafts and augered cast-in-place piles. On that front, a notable GRL development is the ability to test the capacity of foundations varying in size from small helical and micro piles to very large drilled shafts. This is accomplished with a line of APPLEs modular impact devices that allow selecting the most adequate weight for the capacity each test intends to proof, either by HSDT or following standards for Rapid Load Testing of Deep Foundations.

GRL outstanding engineers are truly ‘’the Foundation Testing Experts”, and are more than willing to share their expertise. When they are not testing foundations, they present at conferences, collaborate with universities, write journal papers or manuals of industry practice, are active in committees of various professional associations, and support colleagues all over the world with advice, data analysis reviews, training sessions and workshops.