500,000+ Cubic Yards of Concrete Poured Through CemenTech's ACCU-POUR

Cemen Tech’s proprietary suite of concrete productivity tools, ACCU-POUR, continues to be adopted by users to connect their office, dispatch and fleet in real-time.

CemenTech's ACCU-POUR Reaches 500,000+ Cubic Yards of Concrete Milestone
Cemen Tech

After only two and a half years in the field, Cemen Tech's ACCU-POUR volumetric concrete mixer technology has poured more than 500,000 cubic yards of concrete. 

“Every day, volumetric mixers are pouring concrete but very few are using modern technology to run their business. At our core, Cemen Tech is a technology company, and we are leading the way in adding smart technology to the volumetric concrete industry,” says Connor Deering, Cemen Tech CEO & President.  

CemenTech's ACCU-POUR Reaches 500,000+ Cubic Yards of Concrete MilestoneACCU-POUR is a cloud-based volumetric mixer productivity solution that provides users a comprehensive view of their concrete business operations, and is designed to impact operations of all sizes.Cemen Tech“Downtime and waste are killers for most businesses. That is why we offer technology to help reduce downtime with your equipment and more accurate tracking of your materials,” Deering continues. “Our technology products surround you and your fleet of volumetric mixers with vital resources to keep you moving and keep your business as profitable as possible.” 

Office and Mobile software, two major components of ACCU-POUR, connect your office, dispatch, and volumetric mixer fleet in real-time. ACCU-POUR is compatible with any volumetric mixer and helps you blend the big picture with everyday details. ACCU-POUR tracks every yard of concrete poured and gives you immediate access to your production data allowing you to make proactive decisions based on actual and current company data.