How CHRYSO & GCP Are Curbing CO2 At World Of Concrete, Tease New Mobile Solution

Attendees at World of Concrete 2024 will be able to connect with experts at an interactive booth to address concrete production, soil, waterproofing and flooring challenges.

CHRYSO and GCP Are Curbing CO2 At World Of Concrete

Showcasing their portfolio of solutions for the concrete industry alongside waterproofing and soil condition systems, CHRYSO & GCP, and GCP Specialty Building Materials have announced their plans for World of Concrete 2024. 

Attendees can visit CHRYSO & GCP, and GCP Specialty Building Materials at S11827 to view live admixture demonstrations, experience hands-on displays of high-performance innovations, and watch the unveiling of a new mobile solution. The industry leaders invite you to kick back in their hospitality lounge while witnessing how their solutions reduce the CO2 footprint of cement and concrete, enhance durability, and contribute to the circular economy.

"As World of Concrete celebrates 50 years, we are proud to present our 100 years of proven concrete solutions,” says CHRYSO & GCP Sustainability Program Manager Lisa Barnard. “We have developed an interactive booth to immerse attendees in our sustainability journey of high-performance solutions. Experience our admixture solutions alongside our soil conditioning, waterproofing, leak sealing, and engineered slab systems, all in one exhibit. We invite visitors to stop by to sip an espresso, and share their current concrete challenges with us, so that we can partner together to deliver the ideal solutions, to achieve both business and sustainable objectives.”

What They're Showcasing

  • Clinker reduction for cement production
  • Cement reduction and replacement in concrete production
  • Solutions to optimize local resources, reduce supply costs, and decrease carbon footprint, fostering a circular economy
  • Solutions for enhanced concrete durability: mitigate cracking, soil stabilization, waterproofing, and engineered slab systems
  • In-transit concrete management system
  • Proprietary mobile phone app specifically used by CHRYSO, GCP, and GCP Specialty Building Materials team members, allowing them to pre-quantify the CO2 impact of various customer mix designs
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