Purdue’s Concrete Sensor Research

Professor Luna Lu discusses with Concrete Contractor editor Jonathan Kozlowski on the recent research being done in iOT sensors and concrete strength sensor technology.

Purdue University engineers have developed sensors that could safely speed up a construction timeline by determining concrete strength directly onsite in real-time. Purdue’s American Concrete Pavement Association Professor of Civil Engineering speaks with editor Jonathan Kozlowski on the recent research from the university.

Her goal is to address problems in infrastructure using materials and sensors harnessing artificial intelligence. The Purdue team is working with F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co. Inc. to test and compare the technology with traditional commercial sensors installed into a floor of what will be Purdue’s five-story Engineering and Polytechnic Gateway Complex. The complex will be one conjoined building housing Dudley Hall and Lambertus Hall.

Lu and her research team also are testing the sensors in highways across Indiana as part of an effort to better determine when concrete is ready to take on heavy truck traffic.

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