Product Spotlight: Vibrators January 2008

Consolidate your concrete with the vibrator style that fits your needs - backpack, external or internal.

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Concrete Vibrators

  • Full line of concrete vibrators with a selection of four electric motors and one gas-powered unit
  • Range of interchangeable and reversible flexshafts and eight high-amplitude heads from 3/4-in. diameter pencil size to 21/2-in.-diameter
  • 17/8-in. rubber head for epoxy-coated rebar applications
  • Mold-injected nylon quick-disconnect system
  • Chrome-plated tubular steel frame with oversized rubber mounts

Stone Construction Equip. Inc.

GBPH25 Backpack Vibrator

  • Runs all sizes of Denver vibrator heads up to 2½ in. in diameter
  • High-visibility safety colors on the frame and padding
  • Honda-approved application
  • Built for durability, safety and operator comfort

Denver Concrete Vibrator

BP-50 Backpack Vibrator

  • Totally enclosed rotary throttle allowing operator to control engine while preventing wet concrete from entering and clogging throttle mechanism
  • Kill switch on handle
  • Patent pending rotary throttle designed and engineered to eliminate operator's variable setting of engine speed ensuring unit will consistently produce proper vibrations per minute
  • Comes standard with Quick Disconnect "QD" system and Honda gasoline engines
  • Vibrator heads develop 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000 vpm even in heaviest low slump concrete loads
  • Handles heads up to 21/2 in.

Oztec Industries Inc.

Flex-Shaft Concrete Vibrators

  • Powered by 115-volt grounded aluminum electric motors on a four-cycle Honda gasoline engine
  • All Allen Flex-Shaft vibrator heads, shafts and power units are interchangeable

Allen Engineering Corporation

Concrete Vibrators

  • PL15E, PL20E and PL30E are 11/2- to 3-hp electric concrete vibrators
  • PL25BP is a 21/2-hp gas backpack unit
  • Models offer mid-frequency and force characteristics to set particles in motion fast for rapid consolidation of homogenous mixes
  • High-strength cast-aluminum electric motor housing
  • Shock-absorbing frame
  • Vibrator heads from 3/4 to 21/2 in. in diameter and flex shafts from 2 to 21 ft. or up to 42 ft. with connectors

Ingersoll Rand Company

Multivibe Cool Head Vibrators

  • Low-friction,?gas-powered vibrators offer 9,000-vpm frequencies with amplitudes from .04 to .14 in.
  • Suitable for slabs, stem walls and foundations
  • Casing lengths up to 24 ft.
  • Head diameters from 1 to 21/2 in.
  • Approximately 20 lbs. lighter than a backpack
  • Hummer Standard, Hummer Fishing Pole and Power Rod models available

Jlin Corp.

Concrete Poker Systems

  • Designed to maintain optimum frequencies regardless of load demand
  • Standard heavy-duty and light-duty pencil shafts in lengths from 1 to 23 ft.
  • Seven no-maintenance, factory sealed vibrator heads in 3/4- to 21/2-in. diameters
  • Rotating in-head eccentric weights maintain a high level of centrifugal force and amplitude

Northrock Industries

Bulldog DC-500 Vibrator

  • Redesigned with a completely smooth surface to eliminate concrete buildup
  • O-ring seal for improved waterproofing
  • Double-walled construction and heavy bolts protect internal components
  • Suitable for moving concrete quickly and eliminating buildup and spillage

Vibco, Inc.

Stow BP25H Backpack Vibrator

  • Weighs 24 lbs.
  • 2.5-hp Honda gasoline engine with flow-through ventilation
  • Offered with seven steel and four rubber heads ranging in diameter from 7/8 to 23/4 in. with a maximum length of 173/4 in.
  • Flexible shafts range from 2 to 21 ft. long

Multiquip Inc.

Internal Concrete Vibrator

  • Patented Square Head vibrator head design
  • Provides 20 to 50% faster consolidation (square head vs. round head)
  • Delivers more torque with less amps
  • Retains speed under heavier load
  • Exceeds industry standards to assure safety

Wyco Tool Co.

Plug & Play External Vibration System

  • Lightweight, portable external vibration system incorporates vibrators fit on the outside of formwork that are activated as concrete reaches the level of the vibrators
  • Vibrating pulse transmitted through the forms to consolidate the concrete
  • AR 36 external vibrators mount to most common formwork systems via user-friendly clamps
  • Vibrator force adjustable using a 42-volt, three-phase frequency inverter
  • Inverter can also utilize 42-volt motor-in-head internal vibrators

Wacker Corporation

MGX Series Vibrators

  • Hand-held concrete vibrators in two models with six head sizes ranging from 0.9 to 1.5 in.
  • Frequencies from 200 to 15,500 vpm
  • 6.4 lbs.
  • Available with hose lengths up to
  • 6.6 ft.

  • Easy to use quick-coupling system for flexible shafts
  • Incorporate double-insulated motor housing, a die-cast aluminum motor case, front-end enclosed motor design and shock-absorbing rubber handle

Multiquip Inc.