Researchers Partner with CEMEX to Design Maneuverable Concrete Blocks

Weighing up to 25 tons, the concrete blocks can be rocked, pivoted, tilted, walked and rolled.

Walking Assembly
Matter Design

Research lab Matter Design worked with building materials company CEMEX to design and produce concrete boulders—some weighing up to 25 tons—that can be maneuvered by hand. 

The blocks, which are also known as massive masonry units (MMUs), are made from concrete with varying densities to allow precise control over where the object’s center of gravity ends up, adding stability and balance. And despite their blob-like appearance, they’re engineered with strategically placed bevels, rounded edges, pivot points, handles and interlocking features.

While the resulting structures are still too heavy for a human to lift, it is relatively easy to rock, pivot, tilt, walk and roll them from one location to another.

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