PCA Webcast Examines New Standards for Sustainability in Buildings

New Portland Cement Association's high performance building requirements detailed.

SKOKIE, IL - As part of the Portland Cement Association's (PCA) effort to lead the way towards new standards in sustainability that promise safer, more secure and more energy-efficient buildings, the free webcast "High Performance Building Requirements for Sustainability" is now available.

During the 45-minute program, Steve Szoke, PCA's director codes and standards, describes the key elements of "High Performance Building Requirements for Sustainability," a sample ordinance written in mandatory language that amends and appends the International Code Council "International Building Code" to address high performance and sustainable buildings.

The PCA high performance building requirements go beyond the traditional issues of energy efficiency, recycling and reuse strategies. The requirements also address increasing a building's resistance to natural disasters with the goal of reducing the number of destroyed buildings while protecting property and saving lives.

PCA has aligned the provisions with the concepts of both the Whole Building Design Guide (wbdg.org) and High Performance Building Council. Enacting and enforcing these provisions provides the basis for designers and owners to obtain certification as a US Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction (LEED-NC).

To download the webcast, its accompanying white paper and a free copy of High Performance Building Requirements for Sustainability, visit www.cement.org.

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