MAPEI Holds Concrete Restoration Seminar for Latin Distributors

MAPEI offers three-day seminar on MAPEI concrete restoration systems.

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL - Distributors from Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, recently to learn more about concrete restoration systems manufactured by MAPEI. Proving the seminar more popular than ever, 62 visitors from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Guatemala and the United States attended the three-day Spanish-language program at the MAPEI Technical Institute (MTI) in Florida.

The discussions and workshops, led by Robert Ash Jr. and Tom Lundgren of MAPEI, focused on concrete restoration procedures according to ICRI and ACI, concrete failures, waterproofing methods and leveling Ash and Lundgren introduced the attendees to new products from MAPEI, and the MTI team guided them through demonstrations and hands-on experience with all the products.

"This was one of our best MTI programs ever," said Ash, MAPEI Sales Manager for Mexico. "There was an incredible degree of interest and thirst for knowledge. We had eager participation by all our attendees during classroom time as well as during the demonstrations. Our guests were completely involved in all aspects of the course and showed a high level of interest and spirit." All classes and demonstrations were conducted in Spanish, which provided much greater understanding for all those in attendance. Oswaldo de la Rosa of Minerex SA, Monterrey, praised the training session, saying, "We had a very exciting experience learning about the new MAPEI products and the solutions they can provide for all who need to solve a problem related to construction."

Infrastructure restoration and renovation is a principal issue in many Latin American and Caribbean countries today, and the chance to learn about new innovations in the field puts MAPEI's customers a step ahead. The MTI seminar let attendees see first-hand that MAPEI is Technology You Can Build On!

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