CSDA Launches New Concrete Openings Website

New website to coincide with the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association's official magazine.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) is pleased to announce the launch of a website for its official magazine, Concrete Openings. Now all of the job stories, regular columns ? and much more ? can be accessed 24/7. "Creating the new website, www.concreteopenings.com, is a natural progression that will help the magazine to grow and have a greater presence in the ever-evolving world of digital media and social networking," said Patrick O'Brien, publisher of Concrete Openings magazine.

From its beginnings as a 4-page newsletter, Concrete Openings has grown into a major international publication with more than 16,000 subscriptions. Readership is estimated to be over 60,000 per quarterly issue. With the development of this website, now everyone interested in the work of concrete sawing and drilling contractors around the globe will have access to current information.

The web site incorporates the latest page-turning technology to allow readers to page through the entire magazine or print out sections to be read later. The home page of the website is organized with the same headlines as the magazine to make navigation easy.

Concrete Cases
Job stories submitted by contractor members of CSDA are the focal point of each issue of Concrete Openings and the website as well. These stories, about some of the most unique and challenging jobs in the concrete sawing and drilling industry, showcase the techniques of sawing and drilling but also help to educate specifiers of concrete cutting services about just what can be done with diamond tools. Now the specifics of these jobs are just a click away.

Discussion Forums
Comments about the stories or regular features such as Tech Talk or Safety Counts can now be shared online in the discussion forum. Visitors can start discussion threads to share knowledge and information on specific topics covered in the columns or start new threads.

Many times readers of Concrete Openings have wanted to reread past issues and have not had them readily available. Now back issues will be archived so they too can be reread easily, and individual stories are categorized by the technique applied to help readers find exactly what they're looking for.

Now Concrete Openings is available at www.concreteopenings.com. The launch of this new website signals the start of an exciting period of expansion for the magazine, providing a new platform that will introduce the public to both Concrete Openings and CSDA through home computers or internet-enabled portable devices.