NRMCA Announces Extensive Series of Technical Webinars

Industry experts address wide range of topics.

SILVER SPRING, MD - Following its longstanding commitment to quality and to the advancement of concrete technology, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association is presenting a series of 18 concrete technology Webinar topics between October 1 and March 31. Taught by subject matter experts, the topics include concrete durability, sustainability, cracking, troubleshooting, quality control/assurance, concrete codes and specifications, pervious concrete and non-destructive testing.

Each Webinar will be offered twice over the six-month period. These Webinars are oriented toward concrete producers, specifying architects/engineers, contractors and testing lab professionals.

List of Webinar Titles and Speakers

  • Steps to Reduce Unwanted Cracking in Concrete - Jason Weiss, Purdue
  • Making Durable Concrete - Doug Hooton, U. Toronto
  • Sulfate Resistant Concrete - Doug Hooton, U. Toronto
  • Quality Control of Concrete- Ken Day, Australia
  • Thermal Measurements of Hydrating Mixtures for Concrete Producer QC - Tim Cost, Holcim
  • The Maturity Method: A Simple Way to Estimate In-Place Strength at Early Ages - Nick Carino, formerly NIST
  • How to Measure In-Place Strength of Concrete (Non Destructive Testing)- Nick Carino, formerly NIST
  • Using ConcreteWorks to Improve Concrete Performance and Durability - Kevin Folliard, U. of Texas, Austin
  • Understanding Air Entrained Concrete - Ken Hover, Cornell
  • Challenges and Opportunities with Cold Weather Concreting - Ken Hover, Cornell
  • Concrete Producer Responsibilities in Industry Codes and Standards - Colin Lobo, NRMCA
  • Requirements and Standards for Concrete Strength - Colin Lobo, NRMCA
  • Using Petrography to Troubleshoot Concrete Construction - Dave Rothstein, DRP Consulting
  • Preventing Damage due to Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete - Mike Thomas, U. New Brunswick
  • Producing Durable Concrete Structures for Chloride Environments - Mike Thomas, U. New Brunswick
  • Troubleshooting Concrete Construction - Peter Taylor, National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
  • Specification Revisions for all around benefits - Karthik Obla, NRMCA
  • Optimizing Fly Ash Concrete - Karthik Obla, NRMCA

More information on each Webinar, including dates, times, fees, topic descriptions, author biographies and registration information, can be found on NRMCA's Web site or by contacting NRMCA's Jessica Moore at