Robotic-Based Solutions Enhance Curb and Gutter Paving Performance

Technology assists curb and gutter construction, allowing the process to move along more efficiently and with better results.

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Topcon Positioning Group has released system solutions designed to support curb and gutter paving professionals by maintaining productivity and accuracy, even when facing difficult GPS coverage issues. Using either the GT-1200 series robotic total station or the LN-150 robotic layout navigator, customers can augment their existing Millimeter GPS concrete paving solution and remedy issues such as foliage canopies, large buildings, tunnels, overpasses, and more.

“Although Millimeter GPS has become the gold standard for efficient, accurate, curb and gutter work, situations do arise in which that solution is simply not available,” said Brian Lingobardo, Topcon business manager, concrete paving. “In such cases, temporarily turning control of the paver over to a robotic instrument will still ensure that production is maintained.”  

Both instruments offer support for a prism solution to quickly switch between Millimeter GPS and LPS (local positioning systems); both use Topcon LongLink communication for robust connectivity. The self-leveling LN-150 is ideal as an easy-to-use, cost-effective robotic solution while the GT-1200 series instruments can serve that purpose and perform a full range of functions as a standalone surveying total station.

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The solution is particularly timely as many parts of the world continue to emerge from pandemic-related slowdowns. With workloads on an upswing, concrete professionals are facing increased pressure for productivity and accuracy, both of which can be ensured with the addition of robotics.

“With this additional offering, we are giving the curb contractor the tools they need to go up against any given situation,” added Lingobardo. “Millimeter GPS will still be the solution of choice for today’s curb and gutter pro; these options simply make a great system even better.”  

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