New Concrete Construction Weather Monitoring Kit

Concrete Evaporation Rate Power Pack from Kestrel Instruments (a Nielsen-Kellerman brand) provides critical jobsite environment data so contractors can prevent surface cracking, save money, and improve results.

Concrete Power Pack
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Kestrel Instruments, a Nielsen-Kellerman brand, introduces the Concrete Evaporation Rate Power Pack for providing critical jobsite environmental data for contractors that can prevent surface cracking, save money, and improve placement results.

With accurate environmental data, contractors can take steps to minimize the risk by adjusting the mix, utilizing protective measures, or postponing the pour. Ambient jobsite conditions during concrete placement and finishing can increase the risk of undesirable plastic shrinkage cracking. Much more than merely an aesthetic problem, cracking brings along serious consequences of cost, time, and effort for contractors: repair work, damage to reputation, business loss, and even expensive litigation.

The Concrete Evaporation Rate Power Pack provides a hands-free, compact, and comprehensive data-logging and monitoring system that assembles to capture readings at the ACI recommended height of 20 inches above concrete. The kit includes:

  • 5200 Professional Environmental Meter with LiNK
  • Rotating Vane Mount
  • Portable Mini Tripod with Extension Rod
  • Durable, Weatherproof Protective Case
  • The Kestrel 5200 Professional Environmental Meter measures and records all site-specific
    weather conditions that can negatively impact concrete work.
  • Built-in Evaporation Rate Calculator: Based on the American Concrete Institute’s nomograph -- quickly view accurate readings without charts or guesswork.
  • Extensive Data-Logging: Customizable intervals create a complete history of all measurements viewable on-screen or on a mobile device with the free Kestrel LiNK app.
  • LiNK Wireless Connectivity: Documentation is hassle-free and fool-proof – the 5200 does the work for you by capturing jobsite conditions over the length of the project with data logs available for sharing or exporting job reports to demonstrate compliance.
  • Extremely Rugged and Durable: Lightweight, rugged, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, drop-tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G), and runs on a single AA battery for months of operation.
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