MAX USA Is Building Tomorrow At World Of Concrete 2024

Get immersed into MAX USA tools and innovations with two booths, one for hands-on demos and another emulating live application real-world construction settings.

MAX USA Is Building Tomorrow At World Of Concrete 2024
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Using the theme, "Where legends are made," MAX USA Corp. has two separate booths at this year's World of Concrete. Find MAX USA at booths N911 (inside) and 031142 (outside). 

These booths will allow for an immersive experience.  MAX invites attendees to visit both to further discover a world of cutting-edge construction technology. The indoor booth will focus on hands-on demonstrations and interactive product experiences, while the outdoor booth will showcase live applications in real-world construction settings.

According to the Jan. 17 announcement, MAX has a long-standing history of industry firsts with the development of a roofing nailer and a battery-operated rebar-tying tool. These innovations have set the standard for technical advances in the construction industry, showcasing MAX’s commitment to improving work speed, efficiency, and safety.

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience MAX's flagship products first-hand:

  • The TwinTier technology represents a significant leap forward in construction tools, emphasizing speed, durability, and precision.
  • MAX's PowerLite series embodies the company's philosophy of "Where Innovation Meets Endurance." These products showcase MAX’s commitment to producing rugged, lightweight tools that don’t compromise on power or efficiency.
  • Advanced pneumatic nail guns and powerful 100/500 PSI compressors.