[APP] Fleetwatcher Helps Contractors Keep Fleets Utilized, Productive and Efficient

Off road GPS fleet management solution designed to reduce idle time, fuel costs, equipment costs and under-utilized equipment

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Mobile app: Fleetwatcher
Earthwave Technologies
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Apple and Android

“Wireless fleet management for the construction industry.” That’s the tagline for the Fleetwatcher mobile app. Fleetwatcher is a GPS fleet management system designed to help users make better decisions regarding fleet utilization, productivity and efficiency.

Fleetwatcher features a material delivery solution, E-Logs and an off road solution.

The off road solution is designed to reduce idle time, fuel costs, equipment costs and under-utilized equipment. Regardless of fleet size, this wireless fleet management system designed specifically for heavy equipment constructors, provides timely, accurate and useful data to help you take action to effectively manage your fleet, operators and construction business. Fleetwatcher tracks and captures:

  • Cycle times
  • Productivity and down times
  • Equipment utilization and under-utilization
  • Exact location of each piece of equipment
  • Project status
  • Budgets
  • Shop costs
  • Rental expenses
  • Trends and behaviors

How does it work? Multiple times throughout the day, Fleetwatcher collects specific and customized data from your fleets. That information is processed and delivered in the specific data and format the user requests. Reports are available online or in Excel format for easy sharing. There are over 20 reports available and hundreds of filtering options.

The materials delivery solution uses wireless telematics technology to help users better manage trucking operations whether they are company-owned trucks or third-party providers. This feature uses Load Cycle Analysis to determine where problems occur and correct them in real time.

Finally, Fleetwatcher provides hours of service and driver vehicle inspection report solutions with E-Logs. Fleetwatcher E-Logs are fully compliant with FMCSA and supports both U.S. and Canada federal driving rules and exemptions

App features:

  • Automatically integrate with accounting and job cost systems
  • Location reports available online or downloadable to most common mapping programs
  • Virtual Shift Tickets enable users to move away from paper tickets for material delivery
  • Connection to an ELD device to substantiate driver information and provide engine data
  • Customizable Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) for pre-trip, post-trip and Ad-Hoc DVIR points on per asset or class of asset basis
  • DVIR features speech to text and time stamping of entries
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