Weather at a Glance "Planner" helps allocate resources and determine completion dates in advance.

How many times have your paving operations been impacted by unforeseen weather changes — such as a sudden thunderstorm — that keep your employees from working? now offers the Planner, which puts decision-making tools in your hands with a complete two-week snapshot of the weather on one web page.

You can set your own weather alarms for specific conditions such as low temperatures or precipitation levels that may impact your daily work activities, or to help with effective allocation of resources for increased productivity during times of good weather.

Colorful graphs and charts make the weather data easy to view and understand, with comprehensive summaries of detailed forecasts and historical data for every one of the 43,000 zip codes nationwide — for relevant, site-specific information.

Companies with several business locations can access the latest forecasts nationwide to support operations. By entering multiple zip codes into the Planner, you receive complete weather information for any location as needed for business, travel and other needs. You can also pre-set locations on the Planner site to customize the information needed at a glance.

Automatic historical comparisons will also save time. At-a-glance users can compare the effect of weather on jobsite needs, such as staffing and materials, based on the same time period from previous years. This quick and easy access to comparative weather information simplifies operational planning.

Planner is available through the Premium subscription service, with an array of features. Exclusive AccuWeather features provide information that's available nowhere else, including the patented RealFeel Temperature that tells what the temperature really feels like based on multiple weather variables, and the patent-pending AccuPOP which offers detailed, extended forecasts for probability and type of precipitation by three-hour periods. As an asphalt-maintenance company owner in Stacy, MN, says, "If I'm aware of rain approaching, I can closely monitor the system and let the crew know when to stop before the rain arrives."

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Terex VersaScreed Series

The new Terex VersaScreed Series from Terex Roadbuilding's Asphalt Mobile Equipment Group offers rugged construction. Targeted for paving subdivions, county roads, parking lots and other commerical applications, the series has 24-inch-wide main and 8-inch extension screed bottoms. A wedge-shaped extension design automatically sheds asphalt when narrowing paving widths, eliminating asphalt trapping and shoveling to improve production. The series includes desings for 8- and 10-foot pavers. The 8-foot unit offers variable paving widths from 8 to 13 feet wide; the 10-foot unit gives infinitely variable paving widths from 10 to 17 feet. Both designs include variable hydraulic vibration, up to 3,000 vpm, across the entire screed. Units also feature tipping-frame technology.

Smith LNX8 Power Eraser

For heavy-duty ease of erasing performance without grooves, the Smith LNX8 tri-cut rotary eradicator offers a rolling removal bevel-edge action, which assures no sharp-edge grooving when erasing traffic lines, thermoplastics, oil, grease and high spots on concrete and asphalt surfaces. Now you can push or pull the unit or attach to a hydraulic rider or skid-steer loader.

Bobcat S205 Skid-Steer Loader

Bobcat Co. expands its skid-steer loader line and introduces the S205. The new vertical lift path machine is 66 inches wide, with a 2050-pound rated operating capacity (ROC). The unit, which features a 118.2-inch lift height, provides the operator with good visibility to key areas during operation. The S205 offers 16.3-gpm auxiliary hydraulic flow and is powered by a 61-hp turbocharged diesel engine. It also has a high-flow option to increase auxiliary hydraulic flow to 25.5 gpm for operating attachments requiring more hydraulic flow, such as planers and stump grinders.

Superior Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Superior Industries offers ceramic pulley lagging as a solution for producers who wish to boost productivity by eliminating costly belt slippage problems. Particularly suited to abrasive or highly wet or dry applications, Superior's ceramic lagging provides significantly greater traction than conventional lagging. Constructed from hundreds of individual ceramic tiles molded into a durable rubber backing, ceramic lagging cuts maintenance costs, reduces wear from abrasive materials, and extends the life of key conveyor components as it eliminates the need to over-tension the belt to attain greater traction. Superior also offers vulcanized rubber and Holz lagging options. For high traction, 60-durometer lagging is standard, with other lagging durometers available.

Water Cannon Pressure Washer

Water Cannon's new 2,500-psi mobile commercial-duty pressure washer features a 5-hp Honda engine. Other features include a triplex general pump, E-Z start, overheat thermal protection, and unbreakable axle. The all-aluminum frame constructed of aircraft-grade stock features a lifetime guarantee.

Reliable Custom Flight System

Reliable Asphalt Product's offers custom high-efficient flighting systems for hot mix producers. Each flighting package is custom engineered for specific plant components and material used. Fights are comprised of a high-quality, structural and abrasion-resistant steels, reinforced beyond original equipment manufactures' specifications. This unique design employs a flexible, zone type system that ensures a dense veil of material across the entire diameter of the dryer/drum mixer, maximizing aggregate exposure to the flame optimizing heat transfer. Units can be retrofited to most types of dryer/drum mixers.

Instrotek SmartPanel

SmartPanel from Instrotek is a replacement part for Troxler moisture-density gauges. It is specifically made for models 3401 and 3411B. The SmartPanel upgrades the software and the user interface and includes features such as RS232 communication, backlight for night use, self-test features and more.

Malvern Control and Analysis Software for Rheometers

Malvern Instruments has launched a new software version for its range of Malvern Bohlin rheometers. Version 6.40 incorporates many significant new features, including more flexible data analysis setup and automation and a completely new test type. A number of new analysis routines have been built into the software, including a new template wizard, improved model fitting capabilities, Time Temperature Superposition (TTS) analysis, and new data manipulation routines. The software also features extended language support with English, French, German and Spanish language versions available as standard, and the capacity for reconfiguration to support most major European languages.

The new Template Wizard setup and storage of analysis routines is easy, and operators can add multiple analyses to the menus for easy re-use. Fewer than five mouse clicks are needed to perform an analysis. A complete implementation of Time Temperature Superposition (TTS) analysis is available for application to any selected variable. Additionally, an automated peak and valley determination wizard for any variable is included in the standard package together with statistical analysis of data sets.

San Diego Rotary Brooms

San Diego Rotary Brooms offers several styles of brooms, including cable wrap main brooms featuring industrial strength cores. Units offer quick change stub shafts for easier installation and feature 150 pounds of poly bristles per main broom.

Kolberg-Pioneer Fast Trax

The Kolberg-Pioneer FT 2650 Fast Trax track-mounted crushing plant offers a tubular design and special high-strength steel features. Unit weighs 105,000 pounds and is powered with a 250-hp diesel with full hydraulic controls for the feeder, conveyors, tracks, magnet and jaw crusher. A radio remote control belly pack and an auxiliary control box with a 25-foot control cable is standard. Unit features the hydraulic dual wedge adjustment for CSS from 2 to 5 inches, with production up to 300 tph in applications such as hard rock, recycle and demolition debris.