App of the Week: Mobile Security and MDM

Protect Apple and Android mobile devices you and your employees are using for your construction business

The app's dashboard warns users of real-time mobile security risks.
The app's dashboard warns users of real-time mobile security risks.

Mobile app: Mobile Security and MDM
Developer:  Codeproof Technologies Inc.
Cost: Free
Available on: Apple and Android devices

Codeproof’s security mobile app provides complete protection for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. With contractors starting to use mobile devices more and more on the jobsite, in the office and to store important business information, it’s important that the mobile devices and information be protected.

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Codeproof’s cloud-based solution allows contractors to manage and protect their devices and employees’ devices if the company has a bring your own mobile device policy.

Document: Introducing Codeproof Mobile Security Platform

The app’s dashboard warns users of real-time mobile security risks and allows a user to view:

  • Overall system health
  • Virus detected events
  • Device without screen lock password
  • Latest device events
  • App installation events

Other features of the app is the Cloud Console Report Generator which generates various reports that can be printed or downloaded as PDF files. Available reports include: security compliance report, device asset report, detection of malicious apps report, apps report and OS report.

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Finally, the Codeproof app features a mobile policy manager which helps enforce company-wide mobile policies. The mobile policy manager allows the app user to configure mobile device management policies at a root level which then configures all mobile devices with the policies. In addition, the policy manager allows a user to have exceptions for a single device or create custom device groups with custom policies.

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The free Codeproof mobile app can protect up to two devices. To protect more devices and access the advanced features the app is priced at $2.99 per month per device or $29.99 per device per year.

App features:

  • Remotely locate and lock lost mobile devices
  • Remotely erase data to prevent data theft
  • Restrict use of mobile devices by blocking camera, web browser, app store and other apps
  • Inventory devices, apps, etc.
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) features include:
    • App White listing - Ability to run selected apps
    • App restrictions and block settings app
    • App distribution - installation of apps on multiple devices
  • Mobile Policy Management features include:
    • Directory based mobile policy management
    • Location based policies
    • Password policies
    • WiFi and VPN Policies
    • Exchange and GMAIL policies
  • Mobile antivirus protection for Android
  • Admin controlled push notifications
  • Remotely configure WiFi settings on multiple devices at once