Rooster Asset Tracking Systems

Topeka, KS

Company Details
Years in business:Since: 2017
Number of employees:11-50
4119 SW Southgate Drive
Topeka, KS
Phone:(844) 476-6787
Conceived and built from the ground up by tenured construction owners and contractors determined to create better oversight for their inventory, Rooster will answer the questions, What do I own? Where is it? and When is it being used? The innovative Rooster Asset Tracking System consists of Rooster Hubs and Rooster Activity Trackers. Rooster Hubs are robust data portals that connect to the Cloud using AWS through an LTE-M cellular connection to deliver highly accurate GPS location and activity data. Rooster Activity Trackers are small, rugged devices that, once installed on any piece of equipment, capture activity on a minute-by-minute basis, for up to 5 years, and relay that data to the nearest Rooster Hub. Activity Tracker data transmits through most concrete and metal to any Rooster Hub within and industry-leading ½ mile range using a long-range, low-power pairing design based on the LoRa® communications protocol and protected by more than a dozen patents issued and pending. Proven in the field, Rooster makes finding, monitoring and reporting automatic, delivering real-time visibility into how, where, and when equipment is being used. Easy to order. Simple to setup. All leading to maximized equipment use—and ROI. With more than two decades in the construction industry, the team at Rooster brings you its state-of-the-art toolset to track equipment and report activity so that humans don’t have to.
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