Navman Wireless Upgrades Fleet Tracking Hardware to Support 3G Network

3G-compatible devices available immediately to address AT&T’s 2G network shutdown

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Fleet tracking provider Navman Wireless announces the availability of 3G editions of its on- and off-highway GPS tracking devices designed to protect customers from AT&T’s 2G wireless network shutdown.  Effective immediately, all new Qube and Qtanium units supplied to U.S. customers will be 3G-compatible to ensure uninterrupted transmission of key location, operations and performance data from all fleet assets being monitored with Navman Wireless’ OnlineAVL2 telematics platform.

AT&T has begun phasing out its 2G GSM GPRS service in zip codes with the lowest usage levels. The entire 2G network will be shuttered by January 1, 2017, to free up spectrum for extra network capacity and new 4G LTE services.  

All new Navman Wireless deployments in the U.S. will automatically include 3G-compatible devices. Existing U.S. customers will be switched to the new hardware with contract renewals.

Both updated devices – Qube units for on-road vehicles and Qtanium  hardware for heavy equipment – transmit GPS and related data to back-end OnlineAVL2 software over the cellular network for use in generating real-time maps and reports that help contractors improve efficiency and profitability. That includes construction-specific reports that break down equipment use by project, facilitate proper cost accounting, reduce writeoffs for unallocated asset hours, aid in the development of future job bids for construction customers, and more.

Navman Wireless also offers optional satellite connectivity that allows continuous data capture when assets are out of cellular range, automatically switching between cellular and satellite transmission with intelligent least-cost routing. Satellite data charges can be further reduced by limiting satellite transmissions to priority events and forwarding non-priority information when the asset returns to cellular coverage.