Apex Scale Watcher Cloud

Identify plant bottlenecks and address time-in-plant complaints with data at your fingertips with the Apex Scale Watcher Cloud.

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With Scale Watcher Cloud, on-prem data is shifted to a web-based portal providing visual displays of important site events that is updated in real time, enabling Plant Managers to identify and fix bottlenecks. Scale Watcher Cloud is readily available and can be purchased as a standalone solution. 

Capture ironclad proof of vehicle weighing and ticketing without signatures using Apex’s integrated Scale Watcher functionality

Complete Accounting of Any Incident

  • record single images or full video footage of vehicles on scale
  • completely compatible with your Apex scale ticket software

Ticket Information Superimposed on Images

  • multiple camera angles can be included on same ticket transaction
  • easy retrieval of photos by ticket number
  • ticket information stored on video is customizable
  • ticket information can be moved to central office using

Apex data replication

  • ability to print or email photos to customers dashboards & reporting

Dashboards & Reporting

  • web portal for viewing truck transactions
  • real-time efficiency reports
  • AI-based anomaly reports identify safety and theft concerns

Base Offering

  • includes hardware, software, and one year software maintenance for one camera and one scale
  • capable of handling up to four cameras

Scale Watcher Can Do More:

  • upgrade to more than four cameras with additional software and hardware purchase
  • optional theft deterrent module captures images of potential materials theft situations
  • total site security available with add-on cameras and software
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