John Deere Announces Grade Control-ready Offering for L-Series Tractor Loaders

John Deere 210L and 210L EP models are now available with grade control-ready and grade indication factory options.

Jd 210 L 01
Johndeere 10073478

The John Deere 210L and 210L EP Tractor Loaders are now available with grade control-ready and grade indication factory options, allowing for faster and more accurate fine grading. The grade technology options combined with an updated box blade result in increases to productivity and efficiency when completing site prep, road building and landscaping jobs, especially in tight areas.

“We’re excited to facilitate grade control solutions for customers involved in fine grading applications,” said Brian Hennings, product marketing manager, backhoes and tractor loaders, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “When utilizing grade control technology, operators can finish jobs faster with fewer passes and less rework. This results in less fatigue and more productivity, ultimately boosting the business’s bottom line.”

The grade control-ready machines are designed to support 2D or 3D grade control technology solutions, automatically controlling the box blade’s lift and tilt cylinders. In addition, the factory-installed grade control-ready solution requires no hydraulic hose disconnections or bracket welding, and is designed to minimize technology installation. When adding grade control capabilities in the field, the customer simply selects their preferred technology provider (e.g., Topcon, Trimble or Leica) and works with their dealer to install the finishing kit on the machine.

These tractor loaders are also available with a factory-installed grade indication option. It provides an onboard readout of the machine cross slope and main fall slope in real time, all within the existing machine’s display. This simple, integrated solution requires no additional hardware or software.

The 210L and 210L EP machines are also equipped with an updated box blade, providing a single attachment solution designed to both cut the grade and spread materials accurately with great visibility. The increased clearance of the ripper mechanism on the box blade allows rock and gravel to more readily pass through the frame. It also features fewer moving parts, increasing reliability, while the ripper hook has improved locking in the working position.

When the ride control option is activated, the front loader hydraulic cylinders act as shock absorbers with or without full loads, smoothing box blading over rough terrain to help get sites to grade and reduce operator fatigue.