John Deere 210L & 210L EP Tractor Loaders

Palm-on-top loader-control grip provides fingertip control of clutch disconnect momentary mechanical-front wheel drive and other loader functions

Jd 210 Lep 01
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The 210L EP and 210L are now available with grade control-ready and grade indication factory options, allowing for faster and more accurate fine grading. Grade control-ready machines support 2D or 3D grade control technology solutions, automatically controlling the box blade’s lift and tilt cylinders    

  • Factory-installed grade control-ready solution requires no hydraulic hose disconnections or bracket welding
  • Also available with a factory-installed grade indication option
  • Updated box blade with fewer moving parts, improved locking of ripper hook in the working position and increased clearance of ripper mechanism to allow rock and gravel to more readily pass through the frameJd 210 L 01
  • Includes palm-on-top loader-control grip and fingertip control of clutch disconnect momentary mechanical-front-wheel drive and other loader functions
  • 210L includes a 93-hp PowerTech Plus diesel engine, while the 210L EP boasts a 69-hp Yanmar engine that requires no aftertreatment components
  • Four-speed PowerShift transmission for smooth no-clutch fingertip shifting and direction changes
  • On-the-fly mechanical front-wheel drive can be engaged to give extra traction in poor site conditions or to move heavy loads
  • Loader lift cycle times and loader lifting capacity increased by 26% and 17%, respectively
  • Increased seat rotation up to 70° for view of the box blade
  • Multi-language monitor displays operating information
  • Integral three-point hitch
  • Can be equipped with a canopy or optional four-season air-conditioned/heated cab
  • Options include a limited-slip front axle, dual-tilt rear hydraulic cylinders and ride control
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