Topcon Machine Control Solution Advances

Advances include tilt rotation support for automatic excavation, bring-your-own device and mobile apps

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Advances to the portfolio of machine control solutions include tilt rotator functionality for the Automatic Excavator system, mobile and bring your own device (BYOD) display options, among others.

  • Advanced tilt rotator functionality will allow operators to easily swivel or tilt the bucket with automatic boom control for faster and more efficient excavation
  • Pocket MC can be used from a phone or tablet as a simple entry-level machine controller option or as a backup to a fully featured controller, plus allows for a local positioning system (LPS) option for excavation
  • LN-150 Layout Navigator total station can be used as an economical and easy to- alternative to fully featured traditional total stations.
  • Enhanced Sitelink3D jobsite monitoring and management system includes a pay-as-you go point-based service model
  • Haul Truck app provides more visibility into workflow management and the flexibility to use it in the way that best fits the operation
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