New Website Helps Contractors with Material Excess or Shortage Needs

Material Tracker confidentially matches local contractors who are either 'long' or 'short' on material for a given construction site

Three Cords, LLC announces the formation of Material Tracker and the launch of, a new service designed to give contractors a competitive edge in today’s construction landscape. was created to save time and money purchasing, exchanging and hauling materials to jobsites. 

Material Tracker uses the accessibility of the Internet to connect contractors economically and confidentially, allowing them to manage their material excesses and shortages of topsoil, clay, stone, sand and more. Whether a contractor needs to unload the excess supply of a particular material or is looking to fill a shortage, Material Tracker solves the challenge by confidentially matching local contractors who are either ‘long’ (have too much) or ‘short’ (need more) material for a given construction site.

With Material Tracker, contractors can search local material listings and list their jobsite and material type, whether they are long or short and enter their desired distance parameters for matches to be considered. When a match is made, both parties will be confidentially notified by email with the location, total amount of material supplied or desired, and contact info of the matched site. Contractors can then reach out to the contact provided to discuss the parameters of their agreement to send or receive material.