Telematics Data to be Reported with New Standard

Fleet managers and equipment makers agreed to report these 19 data points and 42 fault codes using a standard protocol that will allow mixed equipment fleets to be managed from a single application

A contingent of fleet managers, equipment manufacturers and two equipment-industry associations created a standard protocol for reporting telematics data -- such as machine position, condition, performance and fault codes -- that will allow construction professionals to manage mixed fleets of equipment from a single web site or application.

AEMP, AEM Agree to Telematics Data Standard

The AEM/AEMP Telematics Standard defines 19 data elements and 42 fault codes.

Data elements:

  1. Serial Number
  2. Asset ID
  3. Hours
  4. Location
  5. GPS Distance Traveled
  6. Machine Odometer
  7. Fault Codes
  8. Idle Time
  9. Fuel Consumption
  10. Fuel Level
  11. Engine Running Status (on/off)
  12. Switch Input Events
  13. PTO Hours
  14. Average Load Factor
  15. Max Speed
  16. Ambient Air Temp
  17. Load Counts
  18. Payload Totals
  19. Active Regen Hours

Video: An Equipment Manager Explains the Value of AEM/AEMP's New Telematics Standard

Fault codes: 

  1. Engine coolant temperature
  2. Engine oil pressure
  3. Coolant level
  4. Engine oil temperature
  5. Hydraulic oil temperature
  6. Transmission oil temperature
  7. Engine overspeed
  8. Transmission oil pressure
  9. Water in fuel indicator
  10. Transmission oil filter, blocked
  11. Air cleaner
  12. Fuel supply pressure
  13. Air filter pressure drop
  14. Coolant system thermostat
  15. Crankcase pressure
  16. Cool water temp, outlet cooler
  17. Rail pressure system
  18. ECU temperature
  19. Axle oil temp, front
  20. Axle oil temp, rear
  21. Intake manifold temperature
  22. Secondary steering pressure
  23. After-treatment reagent internal filter heater
  24. Crankcase ventilation 
  25. Boost pressure
  26. Outgoing brake pressure status
  27. Brake pressure, output
  28. Brake pressure, output
  29. All wheel drive hydraulic filter, blocked
  30. All wheel drive hydraulic filter, blocked
  31. Brake pressure acc status
  32. Injection control pressure
  33. Brake circuit differential pressure
  34. Brake pressure acc charging
  35. Brake pressure actuator
  36. Reserve steering control pressure
  37. HVAC water temperature
  38. Rotor pump temperature
  39. Refrigerant temperature
  40. Alert and alarms help power down machines quickly
  41. Multiple pressure indicators
  42. Switching gear events