BIMobject, AEC Daily Partnership Aims to Enhance BIM Process

Collaboration streamlines process of taking AEC Daily’s educational CEU courses and connects designers with the manufacturer-specific building products on BIMobject

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BIMobject has entered a strategic partnership with AEC Daily to leverage each company’s worldwide presence and increase specification success-rates enhancing the BIM process from design through procurement.

This collaboration streamlines the process of taking AEC Daily’s educational CEU courses and connects the designer with the manufacturer-specific building products on BIMobject, allowing a more efficient design process. Additionally, designers and contractors searching for products on BIMobject will find associated training course links.

“Our industry is in need of both intelligent automation and process change to make it easier for professionals to design and build,” said Mark Haddad, president of BIMobject, North America. “We’re excited to strategically align with AEC Daily and provide a connected process combining education with access to manufacturers’ digital BIM products, such as architectural lighting, interiors, mechanical and electrical components.”

On, building product manufacturers (BPMs) are able to showcase their products to 1.4 million users, where those products can be specified and incorporated into construction projects. BPMs can review users’ profile information, find out what file types were used and see how many downloads have been accumulated. Architects can select from over 1,500 brands that represent 56,000 actual products. The BIM objects become shared knowledge that form a reliable basis for decision-making during the entire lifecycle of a project — from conception to demolition.

“In addition to increasing product understanding through education, designers need an easy way to incorporate those products into their projects,” said Jeff Rice, president of AEC Daily. “BIMobject provides that solution, and our partnership allows us to raise the BPMs’ success rate of getting specified in projects.”

AEC Daily is one of the largest providers of continuing education (CE) to the construction, architectural, interior design and engineering communities. These professionals rely on AEC Daily to maintain their accreditation and keep them up-to-date with new products and technologies. Courses are complementary and available online with automated credit reporting to numerous organizations across the United States and Canada.

“We know from our post-course surveys that most of our learners specify the course sponsor's products,” Jeff continued. “And that those products are then extremely likely to be purchased for a project. Now that we’re bringing both BIMobject and AIA CEU training to BPMs, it’s the best of both worlds.”