INDUS.AI Introduces Computer Vision to On-Premise Cameras

INDUS.AI's artificial-intelligence-powered construction performance system launched AWS Panorama, a new machine learning appliance that allows organizations to easily monitor projects.

Indus ai

INDUS. AI, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) powered construction performance and safety monitoring, is a launch partner of AWS Panorama, a new machine learning (ML) appliance and software development kit (SDK), that allows organizations to bring computer vision (CV) to on-premise cameras to make predictions locally with high accuracy and low latency. 

As opposed to having users manually filling in daily-progress information, INDUS.AI uses computer vision to automatically capture video streams and time-lapse images from a customer's jobsite and deliver performance analysis. The INDUS.AI platform identifies risks and provides actionable insights, saving construction managers time and providing them with real-time visibility into jobsite activities, subcontractor coordination and the production progress.

The visibility improves transparency and decreases schedule risk by helping teams stay ahead of potential issues. INDUS.AI at the edge is designed to eliminate any latency-related challenges at jobsites, and reduces costs and demand for supervisory resources on construction projects.

"Our customers have been discovering how AI can boost jobsite productivity, improve safety and reduce risk on construction projects. With INDUS.AI supporting AWS Panorama, construction managers can now receive real-time alerts with actionable insights to better manage their onsite performance and safety," said Matt Man, CEO of INDUS.AI. "Construction sites can be unpredictable environments, unlike manufacturing or retail. Our mission is to make it easier for construction teams to stay on top of critical events on their projects."

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