Can You Mash Potato? Do the Twist? These Construction Robots Can

Boston Dynamics video shows off the flexibility, and fun, of its construction robots.

Boston Dynamics robot video
Boston Dynamics' robots boogie woogie in a new video.
Boston Dynamics

To celebrate the new year, and perhaps more importantly, the passing of 2020, Boston Dynamics employees created a video of the company's robots dancing to "Do You Love Me?" by the Contours. 

The robots, Atlas, Spot and Handle join together for a choreographed dance to the 1962 hit single that asks "Do you love me now that I can dance?" While the video is a great way to showcase the robots' mobility and speed, the machines also prove they have more rhythm than most humans. 

The video comes at a time when robots are increasingly used on the construction job site to solve issues such as social distancing and workforce shortages.

The robots can also, apparently, solve the shortage of dancing on the job site, as well!