New Management Workshop Added for NPE 2017

Amber Showalter from Show Striping will present How to Kick-start your Season: High-energy Motivation to Strengthen your Sales Today!

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National Pavement Expo is committed to providing management insights for a broad range of business issues contractors face. One issue many contractors face is overextending themselves, making it difficult to meet the goals they set for themselves and their company. If this sounds familiar then this fun, energetic, interactive workshop is right up your alley. 

Amber Showalter from Show Striping in Wisconsin has a reputation for bringing high-energy motivation to her sessions and will present a new session at NPE 2017: How to Kick-start your Season: High-energy Motivation to Strengthen your Sales Today!

Showalter's high-energy motivation has led to business and personal success and this session will help you identify specific steps you can take to strengthen your drive to your dreams. You’ll learn the proven psychology of the business card, the value of elevator pitches (including how to craft a successful pitch), and how you can get yourself in the client’s door -- while keeping your competition out. You’ll learn proven techniques for getting back lost customers – and then retaining them – supported by inspirational stories and testimonies along the way. Plus, learn how building bridges with your fellow contractors will boost your sales.

Designed for businesses small and large, this high-energy, motivational workshop will kick-start your season – and your NPE experience -- so you can hit the ground running at the highest level possible. 

This session will be presented on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. – Noon

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