Webinar: Leveraging Cloud-Based Solutions to Expand Your Construction Business Operations

First hand accounts from construction contractors on the decision and experience of using cloud-based solutions for their businesses

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Join representatives from Associated General Contractors Member Companies Weis Builders and Moretrench American for an AGC Contractor-to-Contractor Webinar on Leveraging Cloud-Based Solutions to Expand Your Construction Business Operations.

Hear first-hand from fellow contractors on the key business factors that drove their interest in a hosted cloud-based solution for managing their businesses and financial operations and their experiences in implementing and managing the project, including:

  • The IT and business strategy decision-making process for evaluating cloud-based verse on-premise solutions
  • Business processes to consider when transitioning to the cloud
  • Managing proprietary business data on cloud-based solutions
  • Establishing effective business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Compliance requirements
  • Mobile connectivity, remote access and integrated third-party solutions
  • Return on investment (ROI)

Webinar Details:

June 21, 2012
2:00pm - 3:30 PM ET

Free/AGC Member

Scott Reid
Director of Information Technology
Weis Builders

Todd Andrews
Assistant Treasurer
Moretrench American Corporation

Sponsored by: Computer Guidance Corporation

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