EquipmentShare Opens Third Location in Southwest Houston

EquipmentShare announces third location opening, which offers next-generation equipment for rent, proprietary smart jobsite technology and service for its growing customer base in the southwest Houston area.


EquipmentShare, an equipment and digital solutions provider serving the construction industry, will open a third location in the southwest Houston area to keep up with the growing demand for its services. 

EquipmentShare’s southwest Houston location offers next-generation equipment for rent, along with its proprietary smart jobsite technology, which recently earned the tech provider, the 2020 Fleet Management Company of the Year, recognition by AutoTech Breakthrough Awards.

EquipmentShare has built a large customer base in Texas,” EquipmentShare CEO and Co-founder Jabbok Schlacks said. “We have 13 other locations in Texas, and our growth in this state is a testament to our customer loyalty and support. To keep up with their demand, and to deliver the newest fleet and outstanding service, we took steps to open a third location in the area. We’re grateful for the response we’ve received from the Lone Star State.”

The facility’s rental fleet includes general heavy equipment, dirt and heavy dirt equipment, high-reach equipment, specialty infrastructure equipment and more. EquipmentShare’s rental machines are outfitted with tracking hardware and connected to software that allows customers and EquipmentShare’s service department to monitor equipment utilization, GPS location, fuel usage, maintenance history and upcoming services.

EquipmentShare’s fleet management technology solutions notifies service managers and technicians when a machine is approaching or past due on maintenance to keep equipment in optimal running condition and prevent breakdowns, which lead to costly downtime on the job.

“Our equipment trackers provide us with a ton of data, and that data drives decisions and allows us to take corrective action to help customers save money and prevent downtime,” EquipmentShare’s Chief Data Scientist Tim Green said. “We use our data to create predictive models that anticipate breakdowns before they happen.

"If an engine overheats, but the coolant temp gauge shows it’s running cool, then no operator can tell they’re about to destroy the engine. Fortunately, because of our tracking technology, we have all of that information; we can analyze it and create a model that helps us prevent that from happening in the future.”

The technology also positions EquipmentShare as the go-to resource to help contractors transition through the pandemic. 

“Construction contributes significantly to our nation’s GDP and is a driving factor in the economic health of communities in every corner of the country,” EquipmentShare President and Co-founder Willy Schlacks said. “Our team of engineers and field staff at EquipmentShare continue to develop new ways to help the builders of America move forward in this time of national health crisis. It’s our mission to ensure contractors and construction professionals have the right tools and assets to get the job done, whether that’s contactless equipment rental experience, smart jobsite technology, service and parts, or a new machine.” 

EquipmentShare’s proprietary smart jobsite technology allows contractors to manage and track their fleet from anywhere on the planet through their smart device. This means contractors and fleet managers can remotely monitor their fleet from anywhere. 

EquipmentShare is actively recruiting in the greater Houston area for a variety of positions, including mechanic, driver and sales positions. 

“Many construction jobs were lost this year, but we’re actively looking to grow our team with experienced industry professionals,” Allen said. “EquipmentShare plans to be a part of the growth the Houston market experiences as it rebounds from 2020.”

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