SEC Agent

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SYSTEMS' Windows-based control products are all capable of logging critical business data.

  • Small application installed on a plant computer, which runs in the background to implement data synchronization to a central server
  • Using an existing network connection, SEC Agent will duplicate program data to a central server
  • Data is synchronized at user defined intervals
  • Nearly an unlimited number of SEC Agents can be connected to a single, central server
  • Sync takes place at the database level - not encumbering program operation
  • Central server can be customer owned SQL Server (2000 thru 2010) or other options may be available at an additional fee
  • No special SQL knowledge required - SEC Agent writes and activates the T-SQL commands
  • Built-in server and data protection to minimize impact on network traffic
  • Data on the central server matches the control program so tools, such as reports, can be shared
  • Plant is not dependent on central server connection- if the connection is not functioning, the plant operates as usual and data is saved until the connection is available
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