Zone Defense ZonePro ADAS AI-based Virtual Coach

System provides drivers with real-time voice prompts to improve driver behavior in real-time.

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The ZonePro ADAS is a forward-facing camera that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to watch the road, read road signs and alert drivers of dangerous behaviors.

  • Uses actionable voice commands such as “Following too Close”, “Posted Speed Limit 55” and “Lane Drift” to tell the driver exactly what behavior needs to be addressed in real-time
  • Driver sees their scorecard at the end of each trip so they can see where they have improved
  • Uses advanced AI and the power of cloud computing to provide fleet managers with event-based recording, fleet safety trends and real-time alerts of poor driving behaviors
  • Available on the Geotab Marketplace and integrated with MyGeotab and the Geotab Drive app, enabling Geotab users to access fleet telematics data, driver/fleet behavior trends and event-based videos on a familiar platform
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